Charles F. Williams

2015-16 Chairman
ENF Board of Trustees


Dear Friends:

What does the Elks National Foundation do? How many times have you been asked that question? For me, it’s so many that the answer rolls off my tongue with little thought.

We award scholarships to deserving students. We sponsor the Hoop Shoot free throw contest for kids. We fund a veterans service program. We award grants to Lodges.

Sound familiar? Well, maybe it’s time to change the answer.

Interested people have been asking us what the Foundation does, and we’ve been skipping straight to how we do it. If we want them to join us—in support of the Foundation, as volunteers for its programs, as fellow Elks—then we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves. We need to inspire them with the what and the why before we address the how. 

What does the Elks National Foundation do? This year’s Annual Report answers the question in four short, compelling sentences. Each is backed up by a brief film and meaningful statistics. I hope you’ll take the time to read the report and watch the films. The next time someone asks you what the Foundation does, you’ll be ready.

Thank you for helping us do what we do.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

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